OUTSTAND are Leadership and Organisation Development specialists with 10 years’ experience working with leading organisations. We deliver solutions that help organisations perform more effectively. We have the experience and ability to support you on a whole range of projects, so whether you want to engage your staff on an ambitious new strategy, upgrade the capability of your leadership, develop your high potential team members, improve your senior leadership team or transform the performance of your teams, we can help. We can equip you with the skills to deliver your own DiSC or 5 Behaviours training or coaching, or we can deliver it for you.

Our customised solutions increase the effectiveness of your organisation at an individual, leadership, team and system-wide level.

Our research process and attention to detail ensures that our interventions identify the underlying issues, overcome internal challenges and deliver exceptional results. Our work is supported by a range of world-class tools, technologies and methodologies that create positive cultural change within your organisation enabling you to achieve your business objectives.

Garin Rouch, Principle Consultant

Outstand is led by Principle consultant, Garin Rouch. He has been using EverythingDiSC in organisations for 14 years. He has delivered projects in Shanghai, London and Sydney to organisations such as Ebay, ibm, BNP Paribas, US Embassy Shanghai, Visa, Citigroup and ChannelAdvisor. 

His experience is supported by extensive academic and professional qualifications. Garin was awarded a distinction for his Masters of Science in Leadership and Organisational Development. He is accredited in 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. He is a Chartered Member of the CIPD, a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and holds a Bachelors Degree with Honours in Business.